Nasal Sinus and Lung Cleanse Deluxe kit. Natural Essential Oils. Breathe easy! Provides relief from Bronchitis.

Now with mixing bottle added to the kit! Customize your own blend! Our Portable steamer for Nasal, Sinus and Lung relief has the necessary Breathing Mask. For your convenience, you may also use orally by removing the Nostril Adapter. Nano mist steam is inhaled deep in the lungs. The Nano mister delivers cool Nano-sized droplets directly to the deepest regions of your sinuses and lungs for ultra-fast onset. The Nano-mist penetrates deeper into the sinuses and lungs than any previous steamer, resulting in fast and effective relief. Contains only pure, natural and organic ingredients. Nano-mist is formulated and produced in the USA in association with board-certified MD's, including sinus and lung specialists and pharmaceutical chemists. Hardware uses medical grade stainless steel and Pyrex glass components. This is a personal steam inhaler not a medical device. It cools and soothes the throat and nasal passages for better airflow. Penetrates deep into the sinuses and lungs, opening up the airways. Suppresses coughing, reduces throat irritation and alleviates inflammation of the airways. It is formulated for sinus lung disease sufferers, including cold, emphysema, bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic cough and more. For your convenience, you may also use orally by removing the Breathing Mask.

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