A Lighter Shade Of Pale

"A Billionaire Vampire Romance"
Amazing Read!

Having youthful good looks, a billion dollar fortune and the ability to charm any woman on the planet certainly makes existence a lot more fun for vampire bachelor Damian Ward.

Knowing it is impossible to ever have a normal relationship, Damian has resigned himself to a life of parties, women and casual sex.

And he is loving every minute of it.

However, everything changes when a routine one night stand with a beautiful young woman called Leah results in her becoming pregnant.

It should be biologically impossible for Damian to ever impregnate a human and he knows that if it was to ever happen then such an event could only mean one thing.

The beginning of the end…

If you like your Vampire Romances to be different from the norm and to give you a fresh spin on a classic theme then you will LOVE "A Lighter Shade Of Pale". There is simply nothing else like it, so scroll up and start reading this NOW!

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